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Argument in favor of limiting stated-funded education

The origin of this post is in response to a few tweets I had with Ari Cohn, Lawyer for FIRE, after I tweeted my support of this bill and opposition of FIRE’s efforts to prevent it. The medium doesn’t really allow for a proper discussion and nothing more insightful than a few barbs were exchanged, however it did inspire further thought into why I supported this bill. Firstly though, some background.

Hibernation of Otaku View

Several years ago (est. 2012) I launched BiosHub as an online gaming community focused around our very own Minecraft server. Over time it was renamed Otaku View, lost Minecraft, gained many other games and had a tiny but amazing group of players come and go. Today however I’m afraid the gates are manned only by myself so it doesn’t make very much sense to keep them open. As such, I’ve shutdown the forums and while I’ll continue using the discord server, I doubt anyone else will except to speak with me.

Impressions on Life is Feudal: Your Own

Ever wanted to be a Peasant in medieval times? Well now you too can toil to survive, build a house, farm, mine and stab other Peasants with Axes! This game is no Minecraft, but if you like building and medieval age combat, You should check this out. You start by gathering sticks, flint and plant fiber, using these to craft crude tools. From here you start clearing land, falling trees, crafting building materials and getting a small village started.

Impressions on Crea

Crea is a game in the same ‘open sandbox’ genre as Terraria, Edge of Space and Starbound. It takes the basic formula and adds mod support, RPG-style progression and a cool twist on the crafting system. Since It’s also still in Early Access however, everything is subject to change. To begin with, I was highly impressed by the enemy variety when I started out. So far I’ve only encountered a few different enemies, but they all had great attack patterns that didn’t involve simply charging at me or throwing arrow’s in my general direction.

First Impressions of Numenera

Numenera is one of those settings that looks horrible at first glance. ‘Fantasy’ combined with Sci-Fi is something that always puts me off. It’s not that mixing the genre’s is bad that it can’t be done, but often it’s done in such a way I can’t help but see the lines between the two. Oh, So the Elves are from the Fantasy side, and look, Power Armor, clearly Sci-Fi. Thankfully, this was about as wrong a first impression as I could have had.

God Mode Review

God Mode bills itself as a retro horde shooter with RPG elements. On first glance, this appears rather needless since there are already lots of great games that do this. Then however, I noticed it was being published by Atlus which is well-known for releasing great titles including Catherine and the Persona Series. A friend decided to take the plunge and I joined him so we could check it out since it appeared a game best played with friends.

Guns of Icarus Online Review

Captain a steampunk airship and fly with your friends in this thrilling MMO air combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world. - Guns of Icarus Online Kickstarter Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk airship combat game developed by Muse Games. With a small crew and a rusty tub of a ship, grab a wrench and face your foes. Last year when this game was up on Kickstarter, it caught my attention instantly.