Matsuricon 2014 Photo Update

Hey folks, Sorry it took me so long to update this, but all the photos from Matsuricon 2014 can be located here: »

Ohayocon 2014

I just got back from the Convention Center a few hours ago and am currently debating heading down tomorrow, but a quick summary is in order. This has been a »

Welcome to Ghost

Welcome to my new blog! I'm still in the process of getting things moved over I'm afraid, but within a few days I should have everything back online. Update: I've »

Matsuricon 2013 Photo Update

After a week of the con plague, I’ve finally began processing the photos from Matsuricon 2013. Sorry about the delay on that, but I got totally knocked out this »

Ohayocon 2013

I’m alive and well from the convention. Overall I am somewhat disappointed with the photo results. Between the crowds and the hectic nature, I didn’t get a chance »

Welcome Ohayocon 2013 Visitors

Welcome Visitors from Ohayocon 2013! Thanks for visiting. I’ll be uploading photos once the con is finished and you can expect raw drafts uploaded within the week. Once these »