Wild Times 2011

So I’ve been having some pretty wild times as of late which is my only excuse for not updating this. My goal of getting three posts a week turned into a post a month, if I was lucky. Rather then continue to insist on utterly perfect posts, I’m just going to throw things up and see if they stick. ^_^

Going to keep this short with a quick summary of what I’ve been up too.

Got a job at Wendy’s as a sandwich maker
Got a job as a server admin for a major Minecraft server host
Got an offer to move on with a couple friends in Indianapolis which I’m aiming to do
Put in my two weeks for Wendy’s in preparation of my move
Started getting traction with an online community I’m forming called BiosHub
Continued planning conventions and website ideas
Short, but a pretty solid summary. I won’t bother promising I’ll write more often, but I’m thinking of integrating with Google+ so it’s a little more lively at least.