PyOhio 2010

First day at PyOhio was beyond totally awesome. I grabbed the bus and was down to the Ohio Union building in about 25 minutes. Granted the doors were still locked when I got there since I was a little early so I chilled outside until the OSU folks got us inside.

On a slightly different note, my friend Robert Conteh was actually able to get down there and so that was really nice since it’d been about a year since I’d last seen him.

After registering and grabbing a drink I decided to go to James Bonanno’s ‘Project Management 101′ talk at 10am. I can’t really say I saw the point. It was more focused on organizing then managing, although I guess you could argue those are nearly the same.

Even I went to Dan Buch’s awesome ‘Intro to Core Involvement’ talk. While I probably won’t be able to spend much time contributing to python itself, it’s great to have a general sense of how things work.

Dan’s talk ended about 20 minutes early and Robert and I took off down to McDonald’s for something to eat. We never did have more then a Yogurt since I wasn’t really hungry and he’d already eaten.

Then I made the major mistake of not looking busy around the Registration table when Catherine Devlin was there. I got jumped to help watch the table while she ran to do a few things and one way or another I ended up manning it for pretty much the entire rest of the day.

Manning the registration table is not something I’d regret however. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun in ages. Heidi Hooper helped man the booth just about 45min after I started and stayed pretty much the entire time. It was good to have someone fun to talk too. There were also a few other folks who helped out at times but sadly I cannot seem to remember their names. :S (If you read this, wack me upside the head.)

I also had a wonderful chance to nag Mark Ramm who’s the co-author of the Turbogears 2 project and works for Sourceforge improving their website and such. He’s a really fun guy to talk with and it’s really awesome to get an idea of what’s going on from the inside guy.

From there I was there talking with various people the rest of the day until the Lightning Talks. Those were pretty good + the random draw for swag was done. We had a guy ‘hack’ Catherine’s python random person chooser script by adding a file since python imports from current directory over the core library. That was funny as heck + Catherine didn’t notice for a minute. Although there was an ongoing debate as to whether it would have been funnier if the script had just been broken rather then running since he didn’t have a time to test it during his ‘hack’.

Phew, it’s been a bit since I’ve written that much on what I’ve ‘done’ in a day. In closing, It was a very good day and I’m looking forward to getting up later ‘today’ and going down for the rest of the PyOhio talks.