Ohayocon 2014

I just got back from the Convention Center a few hours ago and am currently debating heading down tomorrow, but a quick summary is in order.

This has been a very different Ohayocon for me than in the past as a number of my usual friends have moved and there’s a great deal of typical Con Drama which I do my best to ignore.

Since there tends to be a lot of downtime, and with a limited pool of friends to hangout with, usually I fill the time doing photography. As is typical for Ohayocon, There are far too many crowded halls to get a lot of shots. Funnily enough, just after I wrote that line I read a thread on the Ohayocon forums complaining about photographers blocking halls. Even with the huge Convention Center, it becomes really difficult to both chase down Cosplayers and find enough room to take shots. This isn't really a problem that anyone could fix, even by capping the attendance, but I do feel really bad about it as there were a ton of excellent Cosplayers that deserved photos.

In response to this, I’m going to be trying to arrange off-con photoshoots with Cosplayers, which is a bit more difficult, but I’d enjoy the challenge and it gives me something to do.

Overall, my complaints just comes down to, what is an Anime Convention, and what do you come for? At the end of the day, Ohayocon seems aimed to be a giant party, which is totally fine, but not exactly my cup of tea.