Ohayocon 2013

I’m alive and well from the convention. Overall I am somewhat disappointed with the photo results. Between the crowds and the hectic nature, I didn’t get a chance to get nearly as many as I’d have liked. For larger cons in the future, I’m going to aim to schedule more shoots and have my ‘fun’ times at smaller cons with more random shots. I don’t believe I’m going to bother with a badge next year as honestly the events I totally ignored and I was highly unimpressed with security (both hotel and con staff). It pains me to complain but honestly there’s no need for security to be rude and yelling at everyone for everything. That said, the majority were quite polite and did a great job.

If anyone would like to do a shoot with me, be sure to contact me as well! I’m very interested in doing more shoots between cons and at the moment I’m only asking for transit costs and lunch. I’m more then happy to spend the day going through cosplays and running around locations so shoot me a message! ^_^

Final images are online in my gallery as well as on Facebook and Google+. Feel free to share, edit and enjoy them. Attribution would be nice, but is not required for these. For folks I did photoshoots with, I’ll have these online within the next few days as well.