Ohayocon 2011

So it’s been nearly two weeks since Ohayocon 2011 and I still haven’t written a post about it. Well I’d better change that.

Thursday (the day before)
So on Thursday I spent the morning out and about with my mother before heading over to Ryou’s at around 6 pm. I was lucky enough to be invited over to spend the weekend there which saved me a couple hours on the bus each day. I got the chance to just chill with Kyra, Ryou, Sophia and Trent most of the night, which was ironically one of my favorite times of the trip. There’s something to be said for just relaxing with friends, even without any of the ‘events’ that our busy lives always seem to have.

Eventually we got tired, everyone kinda wandered off to sleep and I camped out on the couch for the night.

Friday (the first day)
So at about 4am I woke up thanks to my awesome allergies deciding to give me fits. I just had a snack and toyed with my phone until Kyra woke up. It was actually kinda funny, because I doubt she thought anyone else would be awake before her. Everyone was awake by around 6am-ish and we got out the door at around 7am, I can’t remember exactly.

Anyway, we eventually got to the Hotel downtown and were sorta lost. Eventually con security was spotted so we knew we were in the right place. It was actually funny, because we were outside their registration room and con security was going to a ton of work to prevent a line from forming early. So we all kinda clumped into a circle as close to the door as possible without actually really being in any kind of line. Thankfully I was pre-regged AND there about 3 hours early, but even then the line was pretty long. It was around the room by the time they opened reg at 9am.

After getting our badges, we mostly wandered around randomly for an hour or so, a few friends who didn’t pre-reg showed up and Ryou and most of the gang went off to hang with them in line. IIRC it was just me and Kyra who said the heck with that and ended up wandering together for basically the entire day. I’m actually really pleased that happened because I got to find a friend I didn’t think I had. Kyra and I never really had a chance to talk before then so it was pretty cool to get the chance too. The rest of the day is somewhat fuzzy since I took so long to write this up, but I think this was also the day I drug Kyra over to get her lunch, which was rather amusing since for someone who wasn’t hungry, there wasn’t any left. Yay for sushi shops!

Was this NOW or on the second day?
I should probably mention Kyra and Ryou both went off to the rave, which I just camped outside for. Since it was late I left my cell with kyra so she’d have a clock to know when they had to head out since I’d never find them in the rave. As a slight aside, I find it really awesome that I can trust Kyra with my cell like that, since I’m generally a slight bit paranoid, but I was totally comfortable with that. ^_^ I have such awesome friends…

Eventually we headed back to Ryou’s with Christina, Kyra, Ryou, Philip and Trent. We were pretty much dead-tired, so with Trent on the bed and phillip on the bed, Nikki and I camped out on the floor. Actually wasn’t that uncomfortable, one of the advantages of being young I suppose.

Note: Am I forgetting someone? I think I am…

Saturday (the second day)
We woke up around 8am, and started getting ready to go. Kai and Callie showed up for the con which was pretty awesome. I decided to head back to my place for a shower and offered it up to whoever wanted one also. Christina was the only one who decided too, so Christina and I headed over to my place thanks to a ride from my father. It’s amazing how good a shower feels after a full day wandering with a backpack on. So after that, we headed out to the con. It took a bit but we were able to find everyone easily enough thanks to Kyra texting me location updates. ^_^

This day was a bit random, I spent most of the day with Christina, wandering around randomly with Kyra and Callie part of the day as well. Nothing overly special happened, for most of the day, but it was still amazing fun and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

At around 5pm it turns out Christina needed an emergency ride home for things, so I called him up and thankfully he helped us out. I rode with them out to Christina’s and everything worked out. Once I got back to the con I texted Kyra to find where everyone was. I then found out that Kai was sick, so I rushed up to outside the dealers room and found them there. It was really, really worrying but we were able to get in touch with her aunt who came down and picked her up. She was ok in the end.

So the second that was over, Ryou goes off to do whatever it is she does, so me and Kyra hangout for the night.

Then we get word that our ride had broken down, so I got to call in a mayday with my father, who had just went to sleep, at 1am. Awesome. Ryou decided to stay the night with Nikki, so Kyra, Phillip and I headed back to Ryou’s for the night.

Note: Am I missing someone?

Sunday (the final day)
Quite honestly, I’ve mixed the days to so much I can’t remember the specifics anymore. However I know it was a totally awesome day, although we were a tad down without Kai to hang with us.

So I had a totally awesome time and I’m really looking forward to the next con. I’m not sure what day but I even had a chance to get a couple of my friends food, which I think surprised them. They’re always somewhat hesitant to take it, which is silly. Why would I begrudge feeding a friend? I know they’d help me if I ever needed it, so of course I’m beyond happy to feed them some. :) It’s always awesome to surprise friends like that. As an amazing side note, I found people trust me with their problems, and let me help them work things out. Leaves me feeling really good. :)

P.S. I need to take notes at the end of every day for all the cons so I don’t forget as much.