Naming posts and other stuff

So I've decided to think up new ways to write updates. One of the things that seems to slow my writing is actually deciding what to title posts. I only noticed just today that another project, Dwarf Fortress, writes short news blurbs every 2-3 days and I've looked over how exactly they do it.

Most of the posts are by one person. They’re usually bulleted lists of bugs fixed and different updates, sometimes accompanied by a paragraph or so explaining what’s been going on. Post titles are simply the date, only changed for releases in which case it’s the version number + the date.

These rather short updates are easy to digest and while they’re usually not terribly in-depth, they prove the project is active and present the image of someone who actually cares about his community.

So do I have a point in writing about this? I’m going to try a similar approach. Go for two or three paragraphs a post on whatever happens to be going on, hopefully every two or three days. We’ll see how it goes.