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Impressions on Crea

Crea is a game in the same 'open sandbox' genre as Terraria, Edge of Space and Starbound. It takes the basic formula and adds mod support, RPG-style progression and a cool twist on the crafting system. Since It's also still in Early Access however, everything is subject to change.

To begin with, I was highly impressed by the enemy variety when I started out. So far I've only encountered a few different enemies, but they all had great attack patterns that didn't involve simply charging at me or throwing arrow's in my general direction. One attacks by 'channeling' somehow and bringing a giant rock out of the ground under my position. Another flies through the air slowly, before quickly darting forward trying to collide and burn me. I wish I could get some footage to show exactly how they work and recording is something I'll be looking into in the near future.


It's not just the monsters that have cool abilities though. Players start off with the ability to cast magic, and it's a surprisingly fun addition. So far I haven't noticed anything really unique about it, but there's really something fun about casting your fireballs with just the right timing.

The crafting system requires research to unlock higher-tier items, so basically you craft something similar to what you're going for a bunch of times and you'll unlock a new item. It's a decent system, even though it sounds dull and I think it works well in practice although I could understand if some disagreed.


Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the sound and music. It's not something that I personally enjoyed, but I did like it. I'm putting it down to a taste issue as I think it fits the mood of the game quite well.

One issue to note is the Movement system is somewhat stiff, however they're working on fixing that as one of the upcoming features so I don't think this quibble will last for long. Also, The two-item quickbar system, while handy, can be confusing and will take some time to get used too.

Now that We have the obvious out of the way, Here's the real question. Is it any good? I don't know, for two reasons. Firstly, a game such as this requires many, many hours of play and It will take quite some time to run through the content without rushing it. Secondly, I feel the real core of this game is the mod support. Players are always making awesome new toys for games they love and hopefully, with it's clear focus on modding, cool new things will be added to further extend the game.


Due to the longer-burning nature of this game, I intend to continue playing Crea from time to time in the future, check in on how it's going, get some friends involved and see how it improves. Should something really major be added I might do a new article, but otherwise I'll add updates below.

In summary, I'd recommend this game right now if you're tired of what's out there or want to create content. There's a lot to like about Crea and I think it's only going to gain more content as it's userbase grows.

You can get Crea on Steam or via the Humble Store on the Crea Website.

Full Disclosure: The copy of the game reviewed was very kindly supplied by the developer.